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We are a small, mixed-nationality family (Pasquale- Italian, Caroline- American, and Ettore- both). After years in Rome we settled here on Podere Aiole to seek refuge from that hectic city lifestyle. At Podere Aiole, we strive to create a peaceful atmosphere where we can grow beautiful flowers and nourishing foods far from the bustling city. Here, we can let our son and dog run wild with the cinghiale. We invite you all to share a little slice of our heaven with us- both on the farm and in our guest house.




Podere Aiole is a 52 ha (130 acre) farm located in the Val d'Orcia in Siena, Tuscany.  Aiole means flowerbed in Italian so we thought it would only be right to honor her historical name. We grow flowers: edible, medicinal and beautiful. We also have a magestic olive grove, and vegetable garden. Preserving our land’s bounty for the winter through canning and drying s one of our main passions. We also have a large and  thriving forest to explore and forage in unspoiled nature.

Guest house


Our farm house is divided into 2 separate homes. The bottom floor, formerly the old stables, is now our home. The top floor, where in the past the farmer and his family used to live, is a 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom home complete with a kitchen, dining room, and living room. The old farmhouse has been renovated to create the rustic yet comfortable atmosphere typical of the Tuscan countryside. The carefully curated garden leads to 2 panoramic pools and a pergola with a barbacue for outdoor dining and lounging. Our guests are welcome and encouraged to utilize the garden and pick their own fresh veggies for meals. 


Our Garden

In our kitchen the essential products which form the base of our cooking come from our vegetable garden and the nearby woods. While you stay with us you are welcomed and encouraged to pick what you want from the gardens and forage in our woods for your meals!

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